May 4, 2018 to May 6, 2018

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May 2018
12:00 pm

First Friday's GO! Program

Harper CenterThe Creighton Intercultural Center has volunteered to host monthly GO! programs in the CIC. These programs will take place the first Friday of...

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May 2018
12:00 pm

Updated! Healthy Bite Wellness Seminar - Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Skutt Student CenterCreighton graduate Melissa Sherlock will be here to show us the benefits of having a plant based diet. She will give us some great tips on being...

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May 2018
8:00 am

Mangrum on Evidence 2018 CLE

Law SchoolRegistration and Check-in Begin at 7:30 a.m.
Professor Mangrum in his annual one-day seminar on Nebraska will introduce the 2018 version of...

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Sep 2018
All Day

POTD 500: Intro to Clinical Doctorate Studies

School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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