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Sep 2016
All Day

Dental Mock Board: Manikin Section

Boyne Dental BuildingPreparation for a section of a licensure examination

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Kristin Pluhacek: Drawings

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M&Min Overnight Retreat

Creighton University Retreat Center, Griswold, IA

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  7:30 am

Campus as a Safe Space or a Free Speech Zone

Harper CenterWhat role does free speech play on college campuses? Listen to panelists examine this question in “Campus as a Safe Space or Free Speech Zone,”...

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  9:00 am

CUBuyplus Browser Training

Labaj BuildingThis session covers the basic navigation of CUBuyplus (Creighton's eProcurement system), the shopping process, tracking, receiving, and more!...

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 10:00 am

Rho Chi General Meeting

Criss IIISchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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 12:00 pm

CUSOTA Exec Team Meeting

BioInformation CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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Hixson-Lied Science BuildingWeekly seminar presentations by graduate students and visiting speakers. This week features guest speaker Dr. Nancy Hanson from the Department of...

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 12:00 pm

SPAHP Office of Faculty and Staff Development - Google Power Searching for Drug & Medical Informatio

BioInformation CenterMost of us utilize PubMed/Medline to find drug and medical literature, but Google can be a powerful compliment to these traditional search...

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  1:30 pm

HR Training: Goal Planning

Harper CenterThe performance cycle is year round and can’t be successful without a solid foundation. That foundation is well-written, realistic, and effective...

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  3:00 pm

All School Faculty Meeting - SPAHP

Hixson-Lied Science BuildingAll School Faculty Meeting - School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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  6:00 pm

Arisotle, Aquinas and Mill on The Common Good

Harper Center“Arisotle, Aquinas and Mill on The Common Good” David Ozar (Loyola, Chicago) BFCGI Speaker Series
September 27
6 p.m.
Mike and Josie...

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Sep 2016
All Day

Kristin Pluhacek: Drawings

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 11:30 am

Classroom Assignments – AS – Assessments of Student Learning

Skutt Student CenterWednesday, Sept. 28
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Skutt Student Center, room 104
lunch will be provided
” Assessment of a Novel Leadership Skill...

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 12:00 pm

CU Student American PT Association Meeting

BioInformation CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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 12:00 pm

IGO Volunteer Training

BioInformation CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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 12:00 pm

Phi Delta Chi Meeting

Hixson-Lied Science BuildingSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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 12:00 pm

Speaker: Alicia Hilton

Law SchoolAlicia Hilton, former FBI special agent, author, and law professor will speak on the use of force as it relates to police and law enforcement...

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 12:10 pm


Boyne Dental BuildingWeekly Eucharist in Boyne Chapel

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  2:30 pm

Compass Professional Development Session-Effective Teamwork

Harper CenterIn an effort to build collaboration within our own departments as well as across the University, it is helpful to explore the skills and approaches...

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  4:00 pm

O'Brien Endowed Chair in Health Sciences

Harper Center

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Sep 2016
All Day

Kristin Pluhacek: Drawings

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 12:00 pm

Law School - 2L Strategies for Career Success - Small Group Sessions

Law SchoolCritical information will be provided regarding your career moving forward and assistance will be provided with your written documents. RSVP is...

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  5:00 pm

Public Lecture: "Decoding Plant and Animal Symbolism in Mesopotamia” by Naomi Miller

The Joslyn Art Museum, Abbot Lecture HallPublic Lecture sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America and the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, Creighton University....

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  5:00 pm

SSHP Technician Tutoring

Harper CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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  7:00 pm

Campus Screening of Sober Indian|Dangerous Indian (SIDI)

The campus community is invited to an on-campus screening of the social justice documentary Sober Indian:Dangerous Indian (SIDI) on the evening of...

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  7:00 pm

Opus Prize Spark Sessions

In preparation for the Opus Prize Award Ceremony on November 17, Creighton University has developed the Spark Sessions, a series of six panel...

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  9:00 pm

Fall Break Service and Justice Trip General Meeting #2

Skutt Student CenterAt this second of 3 required formation meetings you will continue to learn about the pillars of our program and hear from our student leaders....

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