2012 Ferlic Poster Presentation

Hixson-Lied Science Building, Suzanne and Walter Scott Jr. Atrium

Monday, October 29, 2012 @ 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

A Poster Presentation exhibiting the research of the 2012 summer Dr. Randolph M. and Teresa Kolars Ferlic Fund Scholars. Program begins at 5:15 pm.

2012 Ferlic Scholars

Brian Farrell, Granger, Indiana
“Examination of the spermine riboswitch function from different organisms for the development of antibiological”

Rance Fujiwara, Honolulu, Hawaii
“Laser-induced fluorescence for investigation of hydroxyl reactions with organic aerosols”

Barak Gruberg, Cochabamba, Bolivia
“Particle identification for phi meson photoproduction in ultraperipheral collisions at RHIC and training in STARlight”

Zoha Haroon, Bennington, Nebraska
“Identification of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit expression in 72-hour avian embryos”

Lauren Hintz, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
“Antibiotic properties of artificial agonists for bacterial riboswitch”

Nathan Horst, Blairstown, Iowa
“Course grain analysis of interactions between the Aß peptide and the lipid bilayer”

Patrick Isola, Kent, Washington
“Evaluation of proposed synthesis of benzylated histadine with a methyl ester”

Grayson Jackson, Carrollton, Texas
“Ion-permeable microcapsules for the absorption of nitrates in drinking water”

Krista LaBruzzo, Stanton, Nebraska
“Determination of the efficacy of the nanoparticle antiretroviral drug delivery systems using cellular model systems”

Christopher Lefky, Paradise Valley, Arizona
“Limiting universal extra dimensions theory as a function of mass splitting”

Jordan Otto, Auburn, Iowa
“The chromatographic determination of nicotine concentrations in avian embryos”

Kalani Parker, Omaha, Nebraska
“Nanoparticle assays on paper-based microfluidic devices for lead ion concentration”

Ellecia Rainwater, Bismark, North Dakota
“Pathology of Buggy Creek virus infection in nestling house sparrows”

Michael Visenio, San Jose, California
“Arabidopsis histone deacetylation in response to the pathogen Pseudomonas syringae”

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