Children vs Philosophy Students Debate

Skutt Student Center, Ballroom D

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Logic for Children Program, Philosophy Department has been working on organizing a philosophical debate between Holy Names School 3rd, 4th graders and Creighton Phi Sigma Tua Philosophy students. After a long time planning and preparation, we finally decide the topics and date. We invite you to join the event, "Philosophy Children vs Philosophy Majors."

Date and Time: Debate will start at 12:30pm and ends at 2:00pm on April 24 (W). There are three debates. Each debate is 20 minutes. Each team gets 10 minutes total to defend for their arguments. Between two debates, there are 10 minutes break for child and also for judges to make decisions.

Place: Skutt Student Center Ballroom D.

Debate: Debate topics are confidential. We will release them to children two weeks before the debate, and release to Phi Sigma Tau students two days before the debate, so that each team can get a fair time to do research and prepare their arguments.

The Order of Debates:
a. 4th vs. PST (12:30-12:50)
i. Debate topic: Confidential

b. 3rd vs. 4th (1:00-1:20)
i. Debate topics: Confidential

c. 3rd vs. PST (1:30-1:50)
i. Debate topics: Confidential

d. Debate award ceremony: 1:50-2:00

Contact Info

Jinmei Yuan
(402) 280-3309

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