Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Skutt Student Center, Room 104
3006 Webster St., Omaha, NE

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Imagine for a moment that you wear a big, thick, hot, red-wool suit and are required to smile and be jolly EVERY day and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of your mountain of responsibilities. You are accountable to both gift-getters all over the world and gift-makers who live and work in a rather dark and cold part of the world. You must be both LEADER and MANAGER and your business requires precise, on-time delivery without fail. You deal with budget cuts and market fluctuations ("Santa I told you I wanted a doll but really I want an iPhone X"). With all of these variables, you would have ample opportunity to fine-tune your leadership skills. While the Big Guy can’t join us in person, he’s shared some information with Chris Stanczak, Sr. Talent Development Specialist. She is ready to share these closely guarded secrets with you.

During "The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus" session, we will explore 8 of Santa’s best secrets for leading well:
• Build a Wonderful Workshop (Mission, People and Values)
• Choose Your Reindeer Wisely (Hire Well, Promote Well and Diversify)
• Make a List and Check it Twice (Plan the Work, Work the Plan and Be Efficient)
• Listen to the Elves (Encourage Feedback, Self-Awareness and Empathy)
• Get Beyond the Red Wagons (Change Management, Business Acumen)
• Share the Milk and Cookies (Reinforce, Reward and Motivate)
• Find Out Who’s Naughty and Nice (Confront Performance Issues, Coach the “Majority in the Middle”, Don’t forget the Super Stars)
• Be Good for Goodness Sake (Lead by Example and Create a Culture of Accountability)

We will enjoy Christmas treats during the session and Santa may even kick-in for a few door prizes. Register today, as seats are limited.


Contact Info

Chris Stanczak
(402) 280-4726

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