Managing to the Mission-Part 1

Skutt Student Center, Ballroom
2500 California St., Omaha, NE

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Managing a team isn't easy and sometimes the challenges we have with our team members are not easy to navigate. This two-part session will help you untangle some common management challenges and explore the intersection of mission and management here at Creighton. You will also meet other managers from around the university who will be able to relate and may even offer ideas for the very issue you are wresting with currently.

While the foundation of this session is consistent, the interaction and discussion is never the same for any two class cohorts. This course is ideal for all managers-new or experienced. It will even provide value to managers who have attended the course previously.

The manager in each division, unit, department, program is responsible for understanding the mission of the university and contributing to it in and through the way he or she leads. This two-part session will explore what leadership in this Jesuit tradition looks like. Case studies will help us explore how this is done concretely.

What you can expect to gain by participating in this event:

Have a renewed sense of the mission of the university and the role of the manager in contributing to the mission.
Understand Ignatian Leadership.
Explore concrete examples in group discussion of cases that draw out this style of leadership.
Be able to apply this style of leadership to their own leadership challenges.
Creighton Competencies you can expect to strengthen through your participation:

Contribution to Mission, Vision and Values
Continuous Development
Human Resource Management (leadership competency)
Leadership (leadership competency)
Event Facilitator:

Fr. Andy Alexander is a native of Omaha, attending the former St. John’s grade school on the Creighton campus.

As a Jesuit, he has served the Jesuits in this area, as a Director of Vocations, an Assistant Provincial, a Director of Formation and then a Jesuit parish pastor in Milwaukee, before coming to Creighton in 1996.

Fr. Andy serves as the Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office, helping Creighton’s faculty and staff contribute to the mission. He co-created Creighton’s Online Ministries web site which last year received 70 million hits from 200 countries.

Contact Info

Chris Stanczak
(402) 280-4726

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