Nov 21, 2014 to Nov 23, 2014

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Nov 2014
11:00 am

College of Nursing Fall Luncheon

College of Nursing PodsIt's that time of year again for the College of Nursing Fall Luncheon! We will provide fajitas in the lower pods and drinks and desserts in the...

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 12:00 pm

Asian Culture Week

Reinert Alumni Library12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Keynote Luncheon Presentation: Where Does American Higher Education Go?
Prof. Patrick Borchers, Director, Werner Institute...

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 12:00 pm

Asian Culture Week Lecture

Reinert Alumni LibraryFriday, Nov. 21, 12:00-1:30 p.m, Keynote Luncheon Presentation, “Where Does American Higher Education Go?” by Prof. Patrick Borchers, Director,...

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 12:00 pm

NCPA Meeting

BioInformation CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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 12:00 pm

Physical Therapy Interviews

BioInformation CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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  1:00 pm

SSHP Clinical Reasoning Competition Meeting

Criss IIISchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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  2:00 pm

Sustainability Council Meeting

Eppley Building -- Room 119Recycling, social justice, energy and water conservation, events (Earth Day, St. Francis Day), alternative transportation (biking, buses,...

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  4:30 pm

Kappa Psi Recruitment Meeting

BioInformation CenterSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professions

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Nov 2014
12:30 pm

Graduate Student Government Goes to the Movies!

Marcus Midtown CinemaThe Graduate Student Government has reserved a theatre at Midtown Cinema for a private showing of the latest sequel in the Hunger Games series,...

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  2:00 pm

Asian Culture Week

Lied Center for Performing Arts2:00 pm to 3:30 pm World Premiere: Symphony No. 3 (Beijing Symphony)
This Event will take place at the Lied Education Center for the Arts, Main...

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